Organic lime honey

Organic lime honey

light mint note

The linden tree, the tree of poets and thinkers, exudes an enchanting scent and attracts bees until late in the evening. From the nectar and honeydew, the bees prepare a refreshing and distinctive honey speciality, which we harvest in the linden forests of the state forests in and around Berlin and in the Mark Brandenburg. Linden flowers are used in numerous herbal teas and home remedies for their beneficial properties. The bees always visit the linden blossoms at their flowering peak, namely when they are at their most perfect. The honey gets its typical taste from it, which is rounded off by a refreshing, slightly minty note.

Grape-growing region --- Brandenburg (Havelland)

Harvest calendar --- June to mid-July

Traditional remedies --- Suitable home remedy for colds and loss of appetite.

Tip --- Beneficial in herbal teas and warm milk

Ingredients --- Linden honey * 100%.

* from organic farming

Average nutritional values je 100 g
Calorific value 1.284 kJ/302 kcal
-of which saturated fatty acids
-of which sugar
Protein1) 0,4g
Salt2) <0,1g

1) Gluten < 20mg/kg
2) Calculated from the naturally occurring sodium

Sensory & Quality Parameters

Consistency: Fine creamy

Color: light yellow to slightly greenish yellow

Taste: mild floral aroma often with a subtle aftertaste reminiscent of medicinal herbs

Odor: floral-sweet

Allergens --- none, contains: Fructose

Best before date --- 24 months

We will gladly provide you with further quality parameters upon request in our extensive product specifications.

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