2001 – Gerrit Lang founded the Sonnentracht GmbH as a Bioland migratory apiary with 750 hives

2008 – Filling of the first coconut products (Virgin Coconut Oil)

2012 – (Feb.) Purchase of the building „Auf dem Dreieck 1“, modernization and expansion of the production facility as well as building up the first filling line for coconut products in the permanent establishment

2012 – (Sept.) Launch of our own brand „agava“ in the organic food trade with innovative syrup creations based on agave syrup and refined with fruit concentrates, maple, chocolate etc.

2013 – Launch of the product category "alternative sweeteners", e.g. rice syrup and sugar, pure agave syrup and sugar, grape sugar and apple syrup as well as the production and filling start of further coconut products like coconut blossom sugar, coconut paste and coconut blossom syrup

2015 – (Nov.) certification of the operations according to IFS (International Food Standard)

2016 – (Nov.) implementation of SAP

2016 – (Dez.) certification of the operations according to IFS on higher level

2017 – (Jan.) Naturland-partnership to protect the worldwide raw materials regarding to a social, ethic and sustainable mode of operation in the country of origin

2017 – (Juni) purchase of neighbouring property to expand the production and storage area to ensure a sustainable growth in the years to come