Organic Forest Honey

The flower nectar from the plants is split into dextrose and fructose by the addition of bee-owned enzymes. In the hive, the nectar is then further deprived of water until it has a water content from max. 18 % and thus the matured and durable honey is produced.  

Origin ··· South Germany

Harvesting season ··· July to September

Ingredients ··· Forest honey* 100% *certified organic

Average nutritional values 

per 100 g

Energy Value

1.331 kJ/ 313 kcal

- thereof saturated fatty acids 

0,5 g 
0,1 g

-thereof sugar 

77,9 g
77,9 g


0,4 g 


<0,5 g


<0,1 g

1)  Gluten < 20 mg/kg
2) calculated from the naturally occurring sodium. 

The nutritional values are based on average analysis values that are subject to natural fluctuations. The provided information is especially for information which mono- and disaccharides are contained in the food.

Sensory account, properties
Texture: Liquid 
Colour:   Brown to dark brown 
Flavour: Strong, rounded forest honey  flavor with tart and alight resinous note
Smell: Sweet, aromatic, light resinous note

Allergens ··· Free from allergens 

Best Before ··· 24 months after filling 

Further quality parameters are available upon request in our comprehensive product specifications.

Raw Materials contained

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