Organic blossom honey

Organic blossom honey

flowery & mild

In spring, nature awakens to all its colorfulness and beauty. Day in and day out, the busy bees tirelessly collect the nectar from many thousands of flowers and combine it into this mild honey. Captured remains for us for the cold season the delicate character of spring, as mild, flowery and diverse as our beautiful native nature.

Tracht region --- Germany (melange of different German landscapes)

Harvest calendar --- April to mid-June

Traditional healing properties --- Energizer

Tip --- Ideal for baking cakes and cookies

Ingredients --- Blossom honey * 100%.

* from organic farming

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value 1.284 kJ/302 kcal
-of which saturated fatty acids
-of which sugar
Protein1) 0,4g
Salt2) <0,1g

1) Gluten < 20mg/kg
2) Calculated from the naturally occurring sodium

Sensory & Quality Parameters

Consistency: Fine creamy

Color: Light yellow to yellow

Taste: Floral, mild honey aroma with a fruity note

Aroma: Floral-sweet

Allergens --- none, contains: Fructose

Best before date --- 24 months

We will be happy to provide you with further quality parameters on request in our extensive product specifications.

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