Organic acacia honey

Organic acacia honey

fine floral, sweet

When the sparse acacias (robinias) wear their wedding dress in spring and exude an enchanting fragrance with lush white flower panicles, this natural spectacle is a feast for bees. The whole forest is buzzing, the busy bees collect the lovely nectar and prepare from it an extremely fine, subtle and clear honey dream with golden shining aura.

The lovely, clear and light acacia honey enchants every palate. Its aura is nobly bright to golden shining and very fine.

Tracht region --- Märkische Schweiz

Harvest calendar --- mid-May to mid-June

Traditional medicinal effect --- digestive, helps with heartburn

Tip --- especially delicate for all cold and hot drinks and on brown bread

Ingredients --- Acacia honey * 100%.

* from organic farming

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value 1.284 kJ/302kcal
-of which saturated fatty acids
-of which sugar
Protein1) 0,4g
Salt2) <0,1g

1) Gluten < 20mg/kg
2) Calculated from the naturally occurring sodium

Sensory & Quality Parameters

Consistency: Liquid

Color: Very light to slightly yellowish

Taste: Very delicate and mild, almost neutral aroma

Aroma: Discreet sweetness

Allergens --- none, contains: Fructose

Best before date --- 12 months

We will gladly provide you with further quality parameters upon request in our extensive product specifications.

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