Product diversity

We fill your products and provide advice and support from consulting up to labelling checks. At our production facility we have specialised in the filling of diverse product groups. This includes viscous and syrupy sweeteners as well as crystalline sweeteners and other bulk material. Furthermore, we have the possibility to temper, liquefy and fill solid oils and fats. Additionally, we are able to manufacture special creations as seasonal and promotional items.

  • coconut products such as coconut oil, coconut paste, coconut blossom sugar, coconut blossom
    syrup and much more
  • natural sweeteners such as rice syrup and sugar, agave syrup in diverse intensities of flavour and colour, agave sugar, crystalline grape sweetness, apple juice concentrate and much more
  • syrup creations based on agave from fruity varieties such as strawberry, cranberry and lime to sweet varieties such as chocolate, caramel and maple up to creative beverage syrups such as cocoa, coffee and tea
  • exotic spread varieties based on coconut and sweetened with agave such as chocolate and vanilla
  • German Bioland honeys

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