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What are the principles of Serapis Culinar?

Serapis Culinar stands for ecological and sustainable products. With our own Bioland migratory apiary we move through Germany and reap our variety honey in the most diverse regions. We maintain long-term relationships with our suppliers and beekeepers abroad, support them in the ecological production of the products and support cultivation in accordance with Naturland directives. The passion for honey quickly led to a great deal of enthusiasm for alternative sweeteners and products based on them. With Serapis Culinar we offer diverse, sweet & exotic taste sensations.

The story behind Serapis Culinar

Even then the Egyptians and Greeks worshiped their common god Serapis. He was the smartest god in the world; much smarter than all the gods before him. Serapis was not only the ruler of lightning, thunder and rain but also of the earth and the underworld. By being able to influence the rain and the sun, he was the protector of nature and therefore of all human beings.

His faithful companion was the hellhound Kerberos, he helped him to spread fertility across the land. Kerberos was a terrible figure. Even then he was terrifying people, he was a real monster. As frightening as he was, no one else was. Because his job was to protect the underworld. So he left no dead and no living in it. He is thus adapting to the cycle of nature to which life and dying belong.

Nature is responsible for all organic and inorganic phenomena in the world. She gives us our daily bread and feeds all the living things of this earth.

Even today Master Serapis takes responsibility for our nature. Because as Serapis Culinar he stands for a variety of foods from organic and sustainable cultivation. Together with his partners, he promotes organic farming in Germany as well as around the world. Therefore, many Serapis products are available in Bioland, Naturland or Fairtrade quality. He is also especially interested in his little helpers, the bees, who not only gather the delicious honey, but also take over his task and sow fertility all over the country. In his honor he supports the "Network Flowering Landscapes". So that our earth will continue to be fertile.

Our sweetener variety

The liquid sweeteners are the classics in alternative cooking. In addition to fine date syrup, we also offer mild rice syrup and the exotic coconut blossom syrup for your creative cuisine. Let yourself be inspired  by our variety of sweeteners. Our crystalline sugar alternatives are the perfect introduction to the world of alternative sweeteners. They are produced gently and according to strict organic guidelines.

Our honey variety

Honey is one of the oldest and most natural sweeteners of our time. Discover the different tastes of our honey from Germany and around the world. In addition to classic varieties such as acacia honey and rapeseed, we also offer exotic varieties such as orange blossom honey from Italy and eucalyptus honey from Uruguay. For each glass of honey sold, we donate 5 cents to the network of flowering landscapes to protect the insect diversity in Germany.

Our coconut creams

The exotic coconut spread for the whole family. Mild agave syrup and fine coconut meet salty caramel, noble vanilla and dark cocoa. Three delicacies ideal for your breakfast roll, but also as a filling for cakes, pies and chocolates as well as for the creative cuisine.

Our Vinegars

The coconut blossom vinegar for our coconut blossom vinaigrette is obtained by natural fermentation and ripening from the freshly harvested flower juice of the coconut palm. It tastes wonderfully aromatic and slightly sour - but not like coconut. Due to the pleasantly fruity note of the cranberry and lime syrup, as well as the sweetness of the coconut blossom nectar, the vinaigrettes are particularly delicious. Simply pure in a salad or as a secret ingredient for dressings, marinades, sauces and dips. 

Our Oils and Fats

Shea butter is gently extracted from the sun-dried kernels of the sheathing tree and, with its slightly nutty flavor, is ideal for refining hearty dishes, desserts and pastries.